Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Ageless Hands a Woman's Legacy

Ageless and Ageless and Ageless…
Are the hands that hold the world
The mother’s touch
To an infant’s cry
The soft wipe
Across tear stained cheeks
The carrier of salve
To a bruised knee
The lift to a lap
 A shoulder
Cradling her babe to her breast
The hands that stir the pots
Which feed an endless supply of mouths
Rub the backs of sleepy children everywhere
Messaging teething gums
Planting gardens for her family
Fingers locked and intertwined
With her lover
The one who holds the hands
Of the one who holds the world
Once alone
Those hands reach
To an everlasting God
In Praise
In Surrender
In Thanksgiving
And at night
She tucks those anointed hands
Beneath her pillow
To rest safely
For yet
Another day…

“Ageless hands”© bjk

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