Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Jesus the social advocate...

After reading the news headlines, I keep being tempted to give up on humanity as a whole. But then I have to remind myself that I would be giving up on myself and those closest to me as well. Yeah, throwing in the towel on all humankind would be counterproductive indeed. The truth is, there is no easy or pat-answer to being able to digest the atrocities and injustices that we all see going on every day. For those that believe in God, we say pray…not a bad start really. But is there more? Are we required to do more than pray? If not, how do we pray? Do we pray for example: “Lord please end all racism?” I’m sure that seems really sincere. Perhaps something we would hear our 5 year old pray. But if that were enough, I’m pretty sure racism would be over by now. Or do we pray: “Lord, please give me the strength and conviction to speak up against racism or sexism and all the other isms that exist? Help me be a true example of love and equality as you are.”  Maybe we’re onto something now.

What I know of Jesus from the scriptures is that He was a talker. He talked to people in their hometowns, he talked to the disciples as they traveled and when they rested, he also (one of my favorites) talked to crowds by the seashore. Jesus talked and talked and talked. His talking is documented more than His praying…hmm. So should we be talking more? Should we be discussing why for example it’s wrong to openly judge other people all the while knowing that we harbor secret sins in our own lives?  Or should we (those that live by such convictions) just keep quiet and pray that everyone would be treated fair? Which seems more proactive?

Speaking out and advocating for what is right is difficult. It requires deep soul searching and an understanding as to who we’re supposed to be on this earth and how we should behave toward humanity. But the way I see it, we have the best example of an advocate ever in Christ. He was so committed to it that He even advocated for the men that crucified Him as He was dying. “Forgive them Lord, for they know not what they do!” Wow…He spoke in defense of his murderous enemies to his own Father. He pleaded for their forgiveness on account of their blind ignorance. Who does that?! Perhaps someone deeply committed to his cause to love and rescue mankind.

What a tough act to follow. 

What would you advocate for on behalf of others? And how far would you go to do it?