Friday, January 13, 2012

Spring's Encore

In the midst of the best of Spring days
When the sky is clear and warm
and the lilacs bloom before our eyes
We smell and live the moment
without wondering when we have to let it go
or say goodbye

We just live the experience and love the moment
without delusion
clear from confusion

We live the moment
and laugh inside of each day
with gratitude
That is our Spring attitude

When Winter comes and sets a chill
upon our cheeks
and leaves us feeling
frosty and alone
We sometimes glance back
at Springs love
and the warmth that it had shown

and we know for sure
without a doubt
it will return again...

It will be Spring again
the lilacs will have their turn
and right on queue

the heated blanket from the sun will continue to burn...
our shoulders
scorch our ears
So many love sounds to hear

the earth will once again be sprinkled with perfumed rain
and our cheeks instinctively will warm again

the cycle of the seasons
for so many divine reasons
like love
will never truly end...