Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Shedding it All...

You named me “Butterfly” and I was born on a Summers morning after a Winters heartbreak and a fallen Autumn

The weight of life's cocoon
encased me and I was mummified
into thinking that I could never fly

Because I was too unique to fit the mold

The truth is, I had never met a me
like me before
So I conformed

And thus the layering began
The image
The status
The need for facade
The need to belong
To the hologram we call life

I sang from a place that was distant
And danced without music
And used meaningless words – so as not to offend

It seemed to work
For the passionless world
that I existed in

Held in mid breath
like a fetus yet to develop
I stayed
Living off of an unhealthy heartbeat

I cried silent cries and pleaded for help
In my muted night

Until I was too weak and too tired to ignore your response

You were telling me to twist
out of the bindings
until the layers that held me
would break
And anything and anyone that supported those layers were gone

I knew instinctively that it had to be
I knew...always knew
That you did not call me out into life
To live without passion or purpose
To dance in a gray meadow
Or drink from a stagnant stream

It was time
My time
To shed it all
For the beautiful moment
That you had been waiting for since my inception

It was time to claim my name
Expand my wings
And become Your Butterfly...

Shedding it All” Bonita Jones Knott © 9/5/2011

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