Thursday, June 16, 2011

I am a composite
of every good thing
and every bad thing
that has occurred in my life from birth till now

The once blank page that I fill
is covered with erase marks from God
Removing the evidence of the things He's called forgiven
While keeping the scars for remembrance sake

The scar on my left side
that goes from my hip down to my leg
is where He removed the fractured frame within me
That caused me to lean so heavily on others and limp so badly

Now I stand erect before the Son

The burn mark near my ear is nearly faded
but reminds me of the times that I was drawn away
by believing the enemy's lying whispers of more

Now I can hear the still small voice of God more clearly
and the voice of a stranger I will not follow

The jagged gash that surrounds my heart
is where God had to perform emergency open heart surgery
because I handed it over to the wrong source 
which was choking the life out of it

Now I have a new heart which is connected solely to the Spirit of God
Which beats to the sound of surrendered worship

I am a composite of every good thing
and every bad thing
that has happened in my life

And upon the artist completion
This masterpiece will be framed and hung in Heaven's Corridors

For All of Eternity...

Bonita Jones Knott © May 18, 2011

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