Tuesday, September 20, 2011


I'm on the verge of a breakthrough so powerful that I can hear the enemy of my soul gasping in disgust
because of the one that got away

Tucked safely under the wing of the Almighty
while sobbing with a wrenched heart

I can hear the voice of the Father take Authority over the evil one

Reeling from the pain of despair over being orphaned and rejected countless times

My heart lies like an open wound bleeding profusely with no end in sight

Breathless I pray for the strength to pray for those who count me worthless
and toss me aside with words of venom

Father please don't allow the venom to poison me with hate.
I choose to forgive although I can never forget.”

Eagerly I await His reply

But in His Sovereignty I receive much more

I receive his hand

I see Him lift my mangled heart and place it in His chest
and retrieve for me a new one

Whole and healed beautiful in form and hue

It's beat is strong and it is covered with the aroma of myrrh

He holds it out to me
as I walk toward this gift

And in an instant I am transformed within His marvelous light
Under the power of His mighty touch

All past pain
All past sorrow
Gone from my today
Never to reach my tomorrow

Yes I am on the verge of an incredible dawn

Where I will dance in the sunlight
Free from all of yesterdays wrongs...

Hidden” Bonita Jones Knott © 9/20/11

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