Friday, September 30, 2011

My gift, my words, my thank you...

I ask God almost yearly
When can I be a blessing to the people in my life who have given time, kind words or tended to my needs so sweetly? When can I give back all that has been given to me and more? What can I do for the people that you have blessed me with?”

His reply:
Use your words”

My words Lord, seem so inadequate for all of the gifts that I have received from others throughout the years. My words seem not to be enough for all of those who have touched me so deeply with their kindness.”

His reply:
Your words are the gift that I have given you to the world. To heal, to bless, to set free, to love...
How is my gift to you insufficient? When used properly your words fulfill your assignment on the earth and gather gems in heaven that will be placed in a crown for you to wear. I count them and I count on them to represent me in this earth... Daughter...use your words...”

My words to you who have been faithful friends:

May you always know the richness of His mercy as the sunrise of your day. May you always feel the warmth of His presence as His hand upon your shoulder. May you always sense the timeless nature that exist between you and God as the gateway to His Heaven... May you know for sure without a shadow of a doubt that you will crossover one day from this earthly life and join Him in eternity...

With words from my heart...My love to you all...
Bonita Jones Knott (c) 

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