Monday, January 28, 2013

words to live by...

Fingers dancing

Receiving secret messages from my soul

Emotions drifting

Then rising

Afraid to peer into the unknown

I hide from my own creative side at times

Because of the intensity that comes with it

There is no

One word


Single feeling

It’s all connected like veins in a leaf

In order to mass together

The beauty of nature

I’m often secluded from my own depth

Because the journey can be taxing alone

But I've learned

That I cannot allow my ‘me’

My true self

To die along life’s roadside

Withering from artistic dehydration

I must be

I must write

I must share

With anyone who needs a drink

Of living words…

© by Bonita Y. Jones

Isn't it interesting that often times, without knowing it, we hold back our best self waiting to share it with our ideal someone? Write the book or the song. Paint the portrait or launch out in whatever way that is designed just for you. Don't wait to be all of you...if your ideal is coming, let them see you in progress...invite them to a party that is all ready started. bjy

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