Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Clarion Call for 2013

A new year is not an eraser for everyone.

For some it is a compass.

It is necessary to hold it to the LIGHT and seek the way that is paved for you.

It is imperative that you trust it when nothing seems to be going well.

It is motivational to understand the designer of the compass and His plan for your life.

May those who seek to know The Knower do so on His terms.

Release the old and streeeetch with great concentration toward the new.

Accept the failures and the defeats of the past, don’t sweep them away, use them as text books and study guides toward your tomorrow.

Release shame…it is a burden, not a helper.

Embrace people FROM ALL WALKS OF LIFE…for this is the only way to live a just life.

Leave judgment to The Perfect One and give up the notion that you have a special status in society.

If you are assigned to someone who is uneasy about the love walk…walk quietly and deliberately beside them and demonstrate rather than speaking.

Give…TO ALL MANKIND IN NEED and let God discern who deserves it…and be grateful that He decided that you deserved life!

Speak blessing over the heads of your children so that they may hear the wisdom of the ages through your voice.

If an old relationship ends…end it in peace and witness the miracle of forgiveness.

If a new relationship begins…begin it with the clear understanding that everyone needs to be accepted for who they are.

Now go in love and save the world from hatred’s wrath.

Love has ONE language…learn it well and teach it freely.


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