Tuesday, November 13, 2012

In the Secret Place...

Sometimes, walking toward the future can feel much like wading through tall grass in the thick of night without a moon to guide you. It’s as if God has dropped us off on a remote island and hid the sun, indefinitely. At first, we may panic and start running off in various directions, trying to find our way to…anywhere. But after a while, if we’re smart, one day, we just stop running and stand still. That’s the day that we realize that our journey is our destination.  Realization hits us, that everything that we learn and everyone that we encounter is part and parcel of our life story.

If we are blessed at all, it is not by the fact that we have so much to do. It is not by the fact that we know so much. No, we are blessed because we know so very little, which leads us to an infinite being that can guide our path with great grace.

 I call this phase of my life “slow motion” because all of the energy that I used to put into being busy and making an appearance here or there, has completely diminished. Now, a successful day for me is when I can identify God’s still small voice and receive my directives for the day and carry them out. As for the busyness and the bustle, I allow very little and even then, I take great care not to step out of bounds and risk being out of my place.  

If we are ever going to find out what it is that we need to do for our own lives, then there will come a time, a season, when we have to close the door to society’s neediness of us, risk being forgotten or even yet, resented and just simply be. Be still…be quiet…be at peace.

As part of my legacy to my children, I try to demonstrate on a daily basis, the act of being still and silent before God. I want them desperately to know that God is not impressed with our “on” switch but He does take notice to when we switch to the “off “position. That’s when He can make His way into our day and begin to speak life, abundance, healing, peace and balance to us. Until we become still, our encounters with Him are much like fast food dining, we grab it and eat it on the go, which only leaves us in a perpetual state of hunger, because we have not taken the time to sit and savor our meal.

I find that when it comes to dining Jesus, the lover of my soul, likes a beautifully dressed table where we can sit undisturbed, eye to eye, and engage in a beautiful exchange.

The breeze at dawn has secrets to tell you, don't go back to sleep. - Rumi

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