Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Dreaming with Our Eyes Wide Open

Dreaming has always been an integral part of my life. It is the catalyst that sends me into a frenzy of creativity and wonder, but it is also the thing that sustains me when times are rough and I can no longer see my way. Just when the circumstantial cave gets too deep and my last candle gets snuffed out by lack of oxygen, God sparks a dream or a reminder of an old dream in me, that allows me to breathe fresh air and relights my flame.

We used to be ostracized for being day dreamers in school, accused of not paying attention and that may have been true, but what was really happening, was that we were being beckoned to a place far more real than the classroom and rote learning at the time. We were being called to our own reality which did not include fractions or grammar. Who’s to say that the dreamers of this world need to remain in a state of mundane living so that they can learn a “skill” to survive? What if the best way to insure a dreamer’s survival is to let them enter through the portal of imagination and endless possibility?  Isn’t that where all the great inventors and discoverers lived? Actor’s dream of acting and singers of singing, mostly on a grand stage in front of a large audience, but dreaming is not limited to those with what we call “creative” talents. A young man gets his first science kit and dreams of inventing a cure for disease, a little girl gets a toy stethoscope and the desire to help heal may be birthed within her at that moment. This indeed, is a good thing.

The problem, I have decided, is not with excessive dreaming but with holding on to our dreams when the impossibilities of life find their voice and begin to drone out the “could be’s” that we hold so dear to us. Year after year we are told that we cannot, instead of being encouraged that we can. Negative reality overtakes us and hypnotizes the dreamer into believing that this is in fact, is the way our lives will be. We grow tired, weariness puts us in automatic mode and we wind ourselves up every morning, like toy robots, to perform a duty that has all the luster of pollen on a spring day. We drift, we wish, but we do not dream anymore…

I would like to summon all of the dreamers back to their original childlike states, of looking into a future created solely by limitless wonder. What if’s are required to survive here, along with an endless supply of why not me’s? Turn on the music of your soul and allow God to choreograph the dance to your life. Ask Him to remind you of the dreams long forgotten and dare Him to take you there…what’s more, dare yourself to be led. Is it a love, a book, a gourmet meal? Is it a cure, a trip or a baby? Whatever your dream is…I’ll let you in on a little secret that I found out long ago. God knew your dream first, in fact, it was Him who placed it in you…and it is Him that will walk you to your desired destiny. So go on…dream…with your eyes wide open…

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