Saturday, August 18, 2012

Simple Wishes

I wish to be seen and heard by a party of one.

Don’t compare me to other beauties with different features, I come with my own. 

I am a masterpiece not a showpiece.

The keen eye can see what I am truly worth.

The wandering eye only wants to know what I am worth for the moment.

I wish to talk far into the night of hopes, plans and dreams…

Only the one that has dreams will be able to participate.

I’d like to give daily offerings that make you smile and touch your heart.

A tender heart would receive my gifts and not question my motives.

I wish to be treasured not traded.

The seasoned one will know that it is best to seek heaven on my behalf and ask permission to be in my life.

There will be a moment in time, when all the faces and many figures that dance across your life’s screen, will cease to excite you and then fade and meld into one lone silhouette…

She will be holding your hand frail and aged but still in awestruck  wondrous love till the very end…

Don’t miss out…

Bonita Jones Knott 8/18/12