Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Ready, Get Set...WAIT!!!

Timing is everything. This I've learned throughout my life by way of impatience. It seems that whenever I get an idea, a goal or a want in my head and it starts speaking to me in excited tones: “NOW - WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!! – CARPEDIEM!!!”  If I listen, I am often sorry. There is nothing like discovering (on the other side of regret) that I should have waited for God’s timing.

I have found this especially true in the area of relationships. It seems that I meet amazing people, with incredible potential to bring love and joy into my life, yet, I meet them prematurely…out of season, if you will. Like beautiful fruit too soon for the picking, that's what these relationships remind me of.  I have come to the conclusion that God will often show me the end from the beginning, then walk me back to the beginning and insist that I follow patience’ protocol by waiting.

This has not always been easy because of mymust happen now” personality; it has taken quite a few years for me to understand the need to wait and the gift of living within my season. It is now that I receive waiting as a gift and I understand that something greater than what I perceive must be taking place in the heavens, and by acquiescing to this “delay”, my chances of enjoying the fruit of my desire increases greatly.

If you have met someone, a friend, a potential love or you are possibly reacquainting with an estranged relative, don’t jump into it expecting that all will sail smoothly and without incident. Take your time access it from a distance, in prayer and allow God to show you the possibilities and His timing. This will save you much grief and assumption.

Just because the opportunity is presented, doesn’t mean that the timing is right. Take your time, you waited this long and by doing so, you've gained some strength along the way.

Enjoy the sunrise… 


  1. Thanks Bonita. An timely reminder that God, for whom there is no time, sees us from our future and is working to fit us to that vision.

  2. Thanks for this reminder. God's timing is truly perfect...