Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Welcome back Old Friend...

With just five shopping days before Christmas, I have decided on the perfect gift for myself…my name.  It’s the name that I was born with, the one that I signed all of my school papers with, the one that I have been serenaded to by the tune of Billy Paul’s Me and Mrs. Jones (although it does not apply in a maiden name form) and the one that I eagerly hyphenated some 21 years ago – Bonita Y. Jones.

I’m not sad to return to it, in fact I believe that I owe it an explanation and a proper re-acquaintance. Perhaps, I took for granted, being one of 6 “Jones girls” and I thought that I would find a better identity in a new name. Maybe, I didn’t think that my name could stand alone and be brave enough to say “No, not Mrs. it’s Ms.” Or maybe, just maybe, letting it go for a while was the best way to return to it with a new perspective.

Whatever the case, my name and I are back together now and I vow to cherish and to be proud of it because I know within my heart it is something special to live up to…

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