Saturday, April 28, 2012

You Can't Catch Me...

I remember the first time I heard those beckoning words

He told me that my skin was the color of pecans
and that my eyes looked like chocolate kisses

Sweet talker
just filled to the brim with his own desire

Desire speaks and says things that girls like us think we need to hear
It whispers words of physical affirmation
while it is not at all interested in our souls

Desire summons in a distinct way
it says “hey sweet thing I see you”
you need some help”
come on over here and I'll be what you need me to be”

And then POOF in a flash
It's gone
It walks away licking it's whiskers
like a cat who just trapped a mouse
Mmmm mmmm that was easy

If you're tired of being captured by desire
Being used by your own weakness
And you want to stop waking up on the wrong side of town

Stop listening to desire
You know what it sounds like
It has no new lines
No new tricks
It says the same thing all of the time
It calls you different names maybe...but with the same voice

Come on beautiful butterfly
You know who you are
You are a magnificent
Creation by the Hand of God

The sun is your mirror
and the stars adorn your hair

Dance to the music composed for you by your Daddy
the Almighty
the Creator of
Heaven and Earth and You
Walk like a Princess clothed in a gown made purely of God's love...
Head up
Shoulders back
Virtue in place....

You can't catch me...”
Bonita Jones Knott 4-28-2012

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