Tuesday, December 17, 2013

How to hit rock bottom and live to tell about the climb up...

I had breakfast with a friend today and it was great to see her, yet sad at the same time. The great part was that this woman is high spirited, vivacious and extremely intelligent. She’s a thinker, so chances are I can pick a topic and her mind has already been there and colored in every element of thought that I am about to share. She’s beautiful and sensitive and caring and did I mention how smart she is? Well, she is…

The sad part was that there is only one small fraction of her that can even fathom how awesome she is. Like most of us, she has been berated with lies from the enemy of her soul and somehow, those lies have intermingled with her own voice, which is even more confusing. However, her audible confession today springs hope in my heart: “I refuse to give up!”

Because my dear friend is a fighter, which is highly required to make it these days, I have a strong belief that she will begin to heal and strengthen very soon.

In this life, when we are surrounded with lies from our earliest memories until our current age, it’s almost impossible to believe that we can be motivated, productive members of society and leave an indelible mark on this world. But as long as there is an almost in front of impossible, then it is highly possible.

In the spirit of my determined friend, I would like to offer some suggestions that may help, while fighting for your life…in any capacity.

1        Don’t pretend like everything is okay. Being fake has never healed anyone. In just about every passage  in the New Testament that had to do with miraculous healing and deliverance, someone was yelling: “HELP!” and Jesus heard them. He will hear you too.

2       No more “woe is me”. It’s not that people don’t care to hear your woes, it’s just that most folks know that those woes lead to nowhere. Without a plan or direction, you’re bound to be in the same situation this time next year. Ask God for a plan.

3       Let’s not dwell on who doesn’t love us. When we do that, we are almost always blinded to the fact that someone out there does. And that someone is God. God’s love gets second billing when we dwell on those who don’t care for us.

4      Try to allow some positive eek of a confession to begin to come out of your mouth daily. Something as simple as “I am loved by an amazing God” can really change your perspective on life.

5       Don’t look for company in your misery, look for inspiration and guidance from someone who has gone before you and made it through. LISTEN and don’t try to contradict them with a bigger woe story. Remember, they made it out and are trying to help you through it. You wouldn't stomp on a fireman’s hand when he was reaching through a smoke filled window to save you would you? Imagine: “But Mister Fireman, you just don’t know how hard it is for me to leave this burning room…YOUR HOUSE ISN'T BURNING LIKE MINE IS!!!” That just doesn't make sense does it? Okay then.

6       Unforgiveness brings torment. This.I.know.for.sure. If you have to start by writing it on a sticky note   until you can begin speaking it aloud…forgive those who have hurt you deeply. It’s truly the only way   out.

7         God’s waiting for a heart to heart conversation with us every day. This is the hardest thing to get  Christians to understand because so many of us talk to Him for 2 minutes and expect to get 12 hours  worth of grace to carry us through the day. And then we don’t understand why we’re defeated by  lunch. God’s not looking for busy bees. He’s looking for planted flowers to rain on and make more  beautiful.

8         Pick a side and stick with it. Either we believe God or we don’t. We cannot agree with the voice of  heaven and the voice of darkness at the same time. The enemy always lies.

9          Don’t diagnose yourself and then waive it like a banner: “I’m OCD, PSYCHOTIC AND NEUROTIC,  that’s why I’m not able to get my stuff together!!!” Even if you are actually diagnosed with a  disorder, it DOES NOT have to define you! Try singing: “I am a neurotic, psychotic friend of God…”  Go ahead I dare you to sing it at church. That would go over like a lead balloon, just like it does with  God.

1        Never limit the healing power and deliverance from such a big God to 10 simple steps. These are just   mere suggestions and things that I've learned along the way. God has infinite ways of bringing his     children to safety. Be open to all of them…

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